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Kimmela Center For Animal Advocacy, Inc

What is Kimmela?

The only organization focusing exclusively on bridging the gap between academic research and scholarship and on-the-ground animal advocacy efforts.

A “think and do tank” dedicated to moving beyond debate and theoretical discourse into real-world animal advocacy applications.

(Kimmela is a 501©(3) non-profit organization.)

What does Kimmela do?

Empowers animal advocacy by connecting it with science and scholarship in order to transform attitudes and behavior toward other animals.

Promotes the inclusion of animal advocacy in mainstream academic and cultural circles.

Cultivates a new generation of scholar-advocates for animals.

What are scholar-advocates?

Scholar-advocacy is a new professional model for animal advocacy based on scholarship that is solutions-driven and applied to real-world problems. Scholar-advocacy bridges the gap between academics, science and scholarship, and on-the-ground active animal advocacy efforts.

What does the word “Kimmela” mean?

Kimmela is a Native American word for butterfly, the most widely recognized symbol of transformation in nature. We chose it to demonstrate our commitment to transforming the relationship between human and nonhuman animals.

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