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gaggle: Interspecies Entanglements in the Everyday

Artists for Animals Series

Organized by VINE Sanctuary y Sandrine Schaefer

Sunday, April 18 2021, 21:00 UTC+02. Free online event

Join us for the first event in VINE Sanctuary's new Artists For Animals series! In “gaggle: Interspecies Entanglements in the Everyday,” Sandrine Schaefer will share their current work exploring everyday encounters between humans and communities of geese. Through site-specific performance art, interactive sculpture, and participatory walks, Sandrine’s work proposes new possibilities for how humans and geese cohabitate in shared spaces.

In this series, contemporary artists making work that expresses concern for animals share stories behind their varied practices and how art can be used as a tool for social change. This series is sponsored by VINE Sanctuary and curated by Sandrine Schaefer.

Using a site-sensitive approach, Sandrine Schaefer ’s artwork offers opportunities to gather and proposes ways to share time not accessible elsewhere in life. Their work has been exhibited internationally in galleries, museums, performance art festivals, and non-art designated spaces. They have received awards through the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, The Tanne Foundation, the ICA Foster Prize, the Boston Foundation, Vermont Studio Center, and the Edes Finalist Award. Working from the belief that it is an artist’s responsibility to uplift the work of others, Sandrine’s practice extends into curatorial projects, writing, and teaching. Sandrine has co-founded a number of artist run initiatives that have supported the work of hundreds of interdisciplinary artists at various stages in their careers. Sandrine's writing on contemporary art has been included in international publications, they teach at several universities throughout the Greater Boston area, and currently serve on the Artist Advisory Council at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston. Learn more about their work at

VINE Sanctuary is an LGBTQ-led farmed animal refuge that works for social and environmental justice as well as for animal liberation. VINE believes that human beings are currently experiencing a crisis of imagination and is determined to foster more creative thinking. VINE knows that arts can and must be among the tools used by activists to foster changes in how humans experience, think about, and act within the larger-than-human world.

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