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Towards Total Liberation: Veganism, Labor, and the Carceral State

SUNDAY, MARCH 28, 2021 AT 9 PM UTC+02

This roundtable invites activists, writers, and academics to explore the interconnections between the prison-industrial complex, speciesism, and capitalism. Building off this conversation with the Activist History Review ( this webinar offers action steps in which to enact justice for workers, animals, and those targeted by the carceral state. The speakers all have chapters in the forthcoming collection, Vegan Entanglements: Dismantling Racial and Carceral Capitalism, forthcoming from Lantern Publishing. This event is free, but donations for the speakers are appreciated.

Nico is an activist and scholar. they have led animal rights organizations and campaigns in Colombia, New York, and California, and is currently working at Harvard Law to develop policy for combating the threat of future pandemics posed by animal agriculture. nico completed their M.A. in Animal Studies from NYU, and is working on a forthcoming book, Ban Meat: A Pragmatic Approach for Ending Animal Ag.

Riley Valentine is a Ph.D. Candidate at Louisiana State University in Political Science. Their research focuses on neoliberalism, language, and care ethics. They have published work on using Wittgenstein to broaden political discourse. They obtained their B.A. in Political Science from Agnes Scott College.

Lukas Leitinger is a MA student in Political Philosophy at UPF Barcelona. He is especially interested in how animal resistance can challenge our thinking and inform our activism. Besides fighting animal oppression, Lukas is passionate about freediving, hiking, and gardening.

J. Serein graduated with an MA in English from the University of Northern Colorado in 2020 under the name Jeremy Smith. Fresh out of grad school, Serein’s thesis, The Actuality of Weakness: Jean Rhys and Static Modernity, outlines much of the writing and research Serein will be putting forward in their budding career, including the reclamation of the post-Hegelian philosopher Max Stirner into contemporary liberation movements, the discussion of disability and neurodiversity through the avant-garde in the modern novel and beyond, and the introduction of animal-liberation into post-ideological politics.

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