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Zoological Racism: Animals, Blackness, and Consumption

Göteborgs Universitet free online seminar with Aph Ko

Time: Monday, 22 Feb. at 7:00-9:00 p.m. (CET)
Location: The seminar will be held online, link will be sent via e-mail the same day to those registered.
Register: Send us a notification via no later than Thursday, 18 Feb.

The topic of the seminar is “Zoological Racism: Animals, Blackness, and Consumption”. During the seminar Aph Ko will examine how white supremacy is a consumptive, cannibalistic force where Black bodies and animal bodies are used as vehicles to fulfill the racialized power fantasies of the dominant class. Aph Ko asks: What is the interplay between the ideological and economic consumption of Blackness (historically and contemporarily) and the conception of animals as consumable entities in American society?

Aph Ko has made important contributions especially in regards to race and animal oppression, and is a prominent voice when it comes to developing novel approaches to dismantle and fight interconnected oppressions. We are very much looking forward to take part of her thoughts during this seminar!

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