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Animals, Religion, and Public Health: An Interfaith Webinar

CreatureKind, Jewish Initiative for Animals (JIFA),Shamayim: Jewish Animal Advocacy, and Unitarian Universalist Animal Ministry (UUAM), will convene a panel of religion scholars and experts to address the pressing issues surrounding how we raise animals for food, specifically addressing how factory farming increases the risk of future devastating pandemic outbreaks. Members of the panel will discuss from their own theological, religious-legal, and ethical perspectives how those interested in building a just and sustainable food system should consider our relationship with animals raised for food, those who work in the industry, and our responsibility as persons of faith.This unprecedented moment is a difficult one for religious institutions, many of which are limiting the in-person activities that facilitate building community—but it also provides an opportunity for communities to re-imagine and revise many of their default practices. This includes people’s daily choices about what to eat as well as institutional policies that impact our food system on a large scale. As part of the panel discussion, panelists will suggest ways that communities can leverage their buying power and values-based practices to advance a more sustainable food system.

Featuring Magfirah Dahlan-Taylor, PhD of Craven Community College, Reverend Doctor Christopher Carter of the University of San Diego, Rabbi Jonathan K. Crane, PhD from Emory’s Center for Ethics, and Dr. Dan McKanan from Harvard Divinity School.

Webinar Co-sponsored by the Better Food Foundation

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