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Sanctuaries: A Global Movement for Urgent Times

September 24 @ 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM EDT

Sanctuaries have always represented the compassionate response to the harms of zoos and circuses. There are permanent sanctuaries for elephants, primates, bears, big cats, and many others.

And now sanctuaries for cetaceans (dolphins, whales and porpoises) are joining the movement and becoming the clear alternative to life in the concrete tanks of marine entertainment parks.

In this webinar we explore the growing global movement of wildlife sanctuaries with representatives from three taxa: elephants, great apes and cetaceans.


Lori Marino (host) – President, the Whale Sanctuary Project
Catherine Doyle – Director of Science, Research and Advocacy, Performing Animals Welfare Society
Mary Lee Jensvold – Primate Communication Scientist and Associate Director, Fauna Foundation

Topics they will discuss include:

Why large, highly social mammals cannot flourish in zoos and marine parks; Sanctuaries as places of restoration and restitution; The need for wildlife sanctuaries now more than ever; How authentic sanctuaries can be distinguished from zoos and marine parks, and why it is important to do so; Similarities and differences among sanctuaries for elephants, great apes and cetaceans; How the sanctuary and zoo/marine park communities can work together for a better future for wild animals, and how we can help each other to succeed.

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