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Íñigo Velasco

Miembro de EACAS

“Iñigo Velasco holds a Bachelor´s Degree in Sociology and a Master´s Degree in Criminology, Criminal Policy & Legal-Penal Sociology. His thesis named “Ecoterrorism. Critical Analysis from the Green Criminology. The Spanish Case.” analyses the concepts of ecoterrorism, victims and offenders holding the idea that not only human beings can be victims and offenders. Animals and Nature can also be victims of harm and the State and corporations can also be offenders. Thus, activists who act againts the harm made by the corporations to animals and Nature can´t be labelled as ecoterrorists. According to this statement, he expose the repressive case placed in Spain in 2011 where a group of activists were accused of ecoterrorism for the liberation of minks from a fur farm. His main research interests are ecoterrorism, criminalization of green/animal movements, critical animal studies and Green criminology.”

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