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The UK Journal of Animal Law

'The UK Journal of Animal Law is essential reading for anyone working in the field o‎f animal welfare, written as it is by legal experts who explain how to use the law for the benefit of animals, not only in the UK but the EU as well.' - Peter Collins, solicitor

The UK Journal of Animal Law provides an interdisciplinary and critical study of the law (including comparative law) as it applies to the rights and welfare of animals. It is published twice a year and includes peer reviewed articles and news about animal law, including case law and legislation. You can download past editions for free below. Become a member to receive the latest editions.

The Journal is peer reviewed by a panel including animal welfare and law experts, Chris Draper, Angus Nurse, Iain O'Donnell, Gareth Spark and Darren Calley. We invite submissions for consideration for publication. If you are interested in submitting an article, please contact the editor, Jill Williams, at

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