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The Dodo

The Dodo is the digital media brand for animal people.

At The Dodo, we’re committed to creating visually compelling, entertaining, highly shareable animal videos and stories.

We’re a halo brand for everyone who loves animals ­­ from people who are obsessed with their pets all the way to committed animal advocates. We want our audience to connect with animals through our stories, and feel empowered to help where help is needed.

The Dodo was founded on the observations that animal content is among the most widely shared on social media and that people care about the welfare of animals more than ever before.

We’re leveraging the viral potential of animal content and linking it up to a progressive movement that’s becoming more mainstream every day. The Dodo is a mission-driven brand creating content to embody a cause we’re passionate about. Our philosophy is simple: tell stories that capture the unique ability of animals to tap into a wide range of human emotions.

Our emotional approach to content engages and motivates people ­­ with the overarching goal of making caring about animals a mainstream, viral, social cause. We’re committed to looking at the world through animals’ eyes, and engaging our audience through a combination of fun, authentic, meaningful content that helps pave the way for progress.

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