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Society and Animals Journal

Society & Animals is at the forefront of the emerging multi-disciplinary field of Human-Animal Studies, which explores the ways in which nonhuman animals figure in human lives. The journal publishes studies concerning experiences of nonhuman animals from psychology, sociology, anthropology, political science, and other social sciences and history, literary criticism, and other disciplines of the humanities.

Society & Animals is unique in its breadth and variety, methods of papers published and data-based discussion of ethics and policy regarding the human-animal relationship. Recent articles suggest the scope of the journal: “Claiming Rights for Non-Human Animals;” “Aggression and Hunting Attitudes;” “On the Relationship between Birds and the Spirits of the Dead;” and “Conceptions of Equine Welfare in Finnish Horse Magazines.”

Society & Animals deals with:

  • cruelty to animals, therapeutic uses of animals, other human-animal interactions
  • animals in research, education, medicine, agriculture
  • dog fighting, circuses, companion animals, other uses of animals in popular culture
  • the politics of animal welfare
  • attitudes toward animals conveyed by schools, religious institutions, other socializing agencies
  • representations of animals in literature
  • the history of the domestication of animals
  • the animal rights movement

While emphasizing empirically based studies, the journal also publishes:

  • theoretical analyses
  • literature reviews
  • methodological contributions
  • commentaries

The editorial board includes over 30 scholars, policy makers, animal advocates, animal-assisted therapists, and animal shelter, zoo, and wildlife professionals.

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