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Philip Lymbery

Global CEO of Compassion in World Farming, award winning author, ornithologist, photographer, naturalist and self-confessed animal advocate.

Philip has played leading roles in many major animal welfare reforms, including Europe-wide bans on veal crates for calves and barren battery cages for laying hens. Described as one of the food industry’s most influential people, he has spearheaded Compassion’s engagement work with over 800 food companies worldwide, leading to real improvements in the lives of more than a billion farm animals every year.

It was also Philip’s vision to set up the world’s first extinction and livestock conference in London in October 2017, bringing together Compassion in World Farming and the World Wildlife Fund, supported by HRH Prince of Wales Charitable Foundation.

His awards include Recipient of the ‘Outstanding Campaign’ award by Brussels based Eurogroup for Animals and the 2015 ‘International Golden Dove’ peace prize in Rome. His first book Farmageddon was listed as one of The Times Writers Books of the Year.

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