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Sarah Oxley Heaney

“My Anthrozoological PhD research project is designed to combine my passions. These include a belief that more-than-human animals have intrinsic value and do not exist solely for our use; scuba diving with sharks, which is a passion I was fortunate enough to begin over 20 years ago. Additionally, I am passionate about contributing my voice to those who fight for all animals including sharks, their aquatic environments and the effect their population decline has upon eco and planetary systems, through scholarly activism. Moreover, although I am careful to not ‘speak for’ more-than-human animals, I do wish to add to accessible academic literature reflecting more-than-human animal biographies and their lived experiences.

I have a varied background, including a short but exciting adventure running a sail and dive business in Myanmar. Before moving to Portugal I spent 16 years in Saudi Arabia, where I founded and still co-run, a volunteer-based animal rescue charity. This triggered a focused interest in abandoned animals. As all of us in the crew of The Anthrozoology Podcast, I was awarded an MA in Anthrozoology from Exeter University, mine in 2019”.


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