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Million Dollar Vegan

Million Dollar Vegan is a global nonprofit dedicated to educating people about the environmental, ethical, personal, and public health benefits of adopting a plant-based lifestyle. We provide free nutritional guidance and support for people who are new to veganism, and free plant-based meals to essential workers and underserved communities around the world. We operate in over 10 countries and 7 languages, and have an international team working around the clock to inspire more people to choose vegan.


In 2019 and with the support of Sir Paul McCartney, we launched our first campaign by publicly challenging Pope Francis to #FIGHT CLIMATE CHANGE WITH DIET CHANGE by going vegan for Lent in return for a $1M donation to the charity of this choice (His Holiness responded with his blessing). A few months later, with the support of over one-hundred U.S. veterans, athletes, and doctors, we campaigned to #MAKE AMERICA HEALTHY AGAIN by posing another $1M vegan challenge to the President of the United States.

When Covid-19 hit, we adapted our strategy and began providing vegan food aid for essential workers and underserved communities around the world; setting ourselves on a mission to deliver at least 1 MILLION MEALS by 2022 as part of an ongoing initiative to #TAKE PANDEMICS OFF THE MENU. And yet, throughout these campaigns, the real focus of our work remains in educating people about how changing our diets can benefit all of us.

We’ll be launching another ‘Million Dollar Vegan Challenge’ again in the future but, until then, we’ll be serving delicious and nutritious vegan meals to people across the globe, and asking people to choose vegan for the planet, for the animals, and for a safer, healthier future for everyone.

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