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Paul Jerem

Early Career Researcher | How wild animals cope with changing environments | Thermal biology/imaging | Rescue Collie Owner | Nature Photography | Melted Cheese

“To say I've got 'a bit of a thing' about science and nature is putting it mildly.

I'd been working as a graphic designer for a while, when I decided to head out of the studio, to see if I could add a photography string to my bow. I've always been fascinated with the natural world. But, it was only when I started peering at it through a camera lens, that I began to appreciate quite how astonishingly beautiful and complex it is. I soon realised capturing great images of nature is as much about understanding ecology as it is about making pleasing compositions. So, back in 2007, I began studying for a BSc in Biodiversity and Conservation. That was only the start of it…

Now, almost a decade (and a Masters, and PhD) later, I’m a biologist working to understand why wild animals behave in the way they do, and how they interact with each other and their environment. My research has become a fantastic outlet for my creativity, and often makes use of my visual skills. But, I do still love to take photos, and design nice things whenever the opportunity arises. And, having acquired science communication expertise during my studies, I'm also keen to use those kinds of skills as often as possible too!

So, if you’d like to get in touch to talk about photography, design, science communication, research, or anything else, you can email me here. I’m always eager to discuss potential new projects, opportunities, or collaborations of any kind.”

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