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 +=====International Association of Vegan Sociologists=====
 +The International Association of Vegan Sociologists is a scholar-activist collective putting sociological theory and practice in the service of animal liberation and veganism. It was founded in May 2020 by Corey Wrenn, Chair of the Animals & Society Section of the American Sociological Association and Zoei Sutton, Co-Convener of the Australian Sociological Association’s Sociology and Animals Thematic Group.
 +This association was formed to provide a platform for sociologists of a Critical Animal Studies background who recognize veganism and anti-speciesism as an ethical imperative in the discipline. ​
 +Our aim is to increase the visibility and legitimacy of vegan sociology, provide opportunities for career development,​ and facilitate transnational networking.
 +We are completely volunteer-based.
 +Contact us at
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