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Hong Kong Animal Law and Protection Organisation (HKALPO)

The Hong Kong Animal Law and Protection Organisation (HKALPO) brings together lawyers, law students and other professional members of the community who have a shared passion for animals, to work together to improve the welfare and lives of animals. We aim to achieve this by advocating for their interests through the legal system by securing more thorough and protective laws and better enforcement of existing animal welfare law.

The Hong Kong Animal Law and Protection Organisation seeks to promote an interest in animal law as well as ensuring that the rights of animals are being protected through the following means:

01. Advocate and secure legislative reform of animal-related laws by written and oral submissions to the Hong Kong Government.

02. Undertake comparative legal research with overseas jurisdictions to contrast and compare whether the current laws in Hong Kong provide adequate protection to animals.

03. Create a pool of legal professionals who would assist with the prosecution of animal cruelty and other animal-related offending.

04. Improve public awareness of animal law through public lectures, seminars and outreach efforts.

05. Promote academic exploration in the field of animal law in Hong Kong educational institutions.

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