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Global Animal Law Association (GAL)

GAL is an independent and worldwide pioneering authority for the health and protection of animals in the law.

The global approach of GAL includes the idea of “One Health” for a healthy planet where healthy humans and animals can live along in harmony together. The health of the animals is understood as a state of complete physical, mental and social welfare.

GAL focuses on realistic, sustainable and far-reaching steps to move forward and is concerned to act in a practical and useful way. In cooperation with national and international institutions, GAL helps the respective legislators to take the next steps for the development of key measures that help improve the legal protection and welfare of all categories of animals, i.e.: companion, farm, lab, sport or wild animals.

The work of GAL is based on 4 pillars: Prevention, Legislation, Enforcement and Education.

Since its beginning, GAL has successfully implemented several projects such as the:

GAL Database, being the only comprehensive and continuously updated database of all animal welfare legislation worldwide (from a national to global level). The database is updated daily by experts and interested parties on animal welfare. GAL Database GAL Matrix GAL UNCAHP GAL Friendly Index GAL Animal Guide Furthermore, on 22 August, 2019 the German supporting association of Global Animal Law was created

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