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Carol Gigliotti

Carol Gigliotti is an author, artist, and scholar whose work focuses on the impact of new technologies on animals and their lives. She is professor emeritus of Design and Dynamic Media at the Emily Carr University of Design, Vancouver, BC.

Her newest work challenges the current assumptions of creativity offering a more comprehensive understanding through recognizing animal creativity, cognition, consciousness, and agency.

She is the editor of the book “Leonardo’s Choice: Genetic Technologies and Animals” and the author of numerous book chapters and journal essays on these topics. Her work is supported by Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, The Sitka Center for the Arts, and The Reverie Foundation, among others. Gigliotti is on a number of international advisory boards concerned either with media or animal studies. Gigliotti has a BSS in Performance Studies, an MFA in Printmaking, and a doctorate from the Advanced Computing Center of Arts and Design at The Ohio State University.

She now lives in Eugene, Oregon and is working on a trade book about the creative lives of animals.

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