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Johanna Gibson

Johanna Gibson is Herchel Smith Professor of Intellectual Property Law at the Centre for Commercial Law Studies (CCLS) and Editor-In-Chief of the Queen Mary Journal of Intellectual Property (QMJIP).

She has a research and education background in cultural studies, critical theory, film, art history and law, as well as in animal behaviour science and welfare.

Johanna is also actively researching and publishing in animal law and welfare and has been appointed legal expert to the Home Office Animals in Science Committee, the advisory non-departmental public body advising the Secretary of State on all matters concerning the use of animals in scientific procedures. Johanna’s research in animals and the law focuses on animal welfare and public engagement, including novel and interdisciplinary modes of dissemination and policy impact, as well as the relevance of behaviour science in development and implementation of law and policy. Part of this research includes the examination of sentience, intentionality, and innovation in ethology and law, providing insight into theories of personhood and other-than-human authorship, including artificial intelligence. Johanna has also devised LLM modules in Animal Law at Queen Mary, University of London, making the QMUL School of Law the first in the UK to offer Animal Law as part of its formal postgraduate degree

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