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Psychology and Law in the Assessment and Treatment of Animal Maltreatment

10th Annual Animal Law Review Symposium

March 11th 2021, 12:10-1:10 PM PST. Free online event organized by Animal Law Review and Lewis & Clark’s Law School Animal Legal Defense Fund

With Brittany Hill, Kathleen Wood, & Lavita Nadkarni

Despite growing awareness that animal maltreatment is often a sign of deviant behavior and frequently linked to other forms of interpersonal violence, attorneys and mental health professionals may find themselves lacking practical guidance in these cases. During this session, presenters will trace the steps involved in animal maltreatment cases from investigation, assessment, adjudication, and treatment, focusing on the roles of mental health professionals and attorneys at each stage of the process. Key themes include increasing awareness of the range of options for assessment and treatment, including collaboration between attorneys and mental health professionals, and acknowledging that effective interventions should not take a “one-size-fits-all” approach.

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