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Networking from the Margins with Corey Lee Wrenn, Ph.D.

Learn about strategies for promoting your work using website design and social media networking. This is especially helpful for graduate students and faculty who are building their careers during this transition towards increased digital research and teaching.

“On the (Missing) Concept of the Political in Animal Rights Theory’s ‘Political Turn’: Towards Agonistic Politics in a Zoopolis”

There is a “political turn” in recent animal rights theory (ART). The paper engages with the political turn in ART, and suggests that such turn is fraught with an underdeveloped concept of the political. The lack of a clear and widely shared definition of the political in ART’s so-called “political turn” generates analytical problems in the literature. For example, scholars in ART’s political turn tend to assimilate the political to different inflections of the ethical, without discussing, and ruling out, alternative conceptions of the political. The paper seeks to clarify the concept of the political presupposed in ART’s political turn and to sketch a more promising one, based on agonistic theories of democracy. In order to do so the paper draws on notions already available in ART, such as zoopolis and animal agora, and reworks them through conflict, friction and agon conceived beyond the human species. The paper illustrates how agonistic politics in a zoopolis could look like by discussing the case of the negro matapacos (black cop-killer dog) in recent popular uprisings in Chile.

GAL Experts Discussion: UNCAHP for a better world for animals?

In collaboration with Global Animal Law GAL Association, the Global Research Network presents a panel discussion on the importance of the adoption of the United Nations Convention on Animal Health and Protection (UNCAHP)

Join our Junior Fellows for the Animals & Biodiversity Think Tank Programme, Eva Bernet Kempers & Marine Lercier, as they introduce the discussion and the many expert panellists.

This event will be live-streamed on YouTube & open to the public. If you would like to be notified of the live-stream link, please register with your interest. The event is free to attend, but you can also offer a donation to the UNCAHP.

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