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Eurogroup for Animals

Our primary focus is to improve animal welfare as quickly as possible by lobbying EU institutions to deliver better legislation and enforcement.

As the only pan-European umbrella organisation for animal welfare, we direct the national influence of each of our members into a powerful group network, creating opportunities for change across Europe that cannot be achieved individually.

Our mission has three strands:

1. Representing civil society

We represent our members, and also animal welfare generally, at EU level, working with EU stakeholder and expert groups as a trusted partner.

2. Campaigning to drive change

Our pan-European campaigns harness the power of public mobilisation to connect citizens with EU decision-makers and create new animal advocacy opportunities.

3. Fostering cohesion, exchanging best practices and disseminating knowledge

We bring together people, knowledge and expertise, and develop our members' capacities to help them achieve their aims, in pursuit of our common vision.

ReinekeRound Reineke Hameleers Director

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