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Eating Animals (Christopher Dillon Quinn, 2017)

New Natalie Portman doc sees solution to factory farms in high-tech diet. “Eating Animals” is long on the problems with animal agriculture but short on solutions. Can Silicon Valley veggie burgers really put an end to factory farms?“

In recent years, this techno-solution-ism to factory farms has drawn celebrity boosters, enormous media hype and angel investors, two of whom happen to be funders of Eating Animals. Ev Williams and Biz Stone, the co-founders of Twitter, are credited in the film as executive producers. But they also helped fund the film. And they have helped fund the plant-based protein company Beyond Meat, which is featured in the film (favorably).

The Good Food Institute, is featured in the film. An offshoot of the animal rights organization Mercy for Animals, the institute’s endorsement of cultured meat is a testament to how widely these high-tech alternatives are being embraced.

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