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Gustafsson & Haapoja

Gustafsson & Haapoja is a collaboration between visual artist Terike Haapoja and writer Laura Gustafsson. Their long term project explores problems that arise from the anthropocentric world view of Western traditions, and seeks to open paths for ethical ways of interspecies coexistence coexist. By imagining histories according to other species, investigating how language enables othering, or mapping out the long history of animalization Gustafsson & Haapoja brings forth questions regarding the impact of biotechnologies, industrialization or systems of knowledge production on the lives of both humans and other animals.

The work of Gustafsson & Haapoja manifests itself in exhibitions, stage work and texts. The Museum of The History of Cattle, first exhibited in Helsinki, 2013, was awarded with the Kiila prize for socially engaged art. The publication History According to Cattle was released in 2015 by punctum books and Into publications. The Trial, a participatory performance on the legal personhood of nonhuman animals had its premiere in 2014. The large scale installation and lecture series Museum of Nonhumanity opened in 2016 in Helsinki and has toured in Italy, Norway, UK, Taiwan and Denmark. The book Museum of Nonhumanity was published by punctum books in 2019. Gustafsson & Haapoja received the Finnish State art council’s Media Art Award in 2016. Waiting Room, a sound installation that investigates normalized violence, premieres in Amsterdam in the fall of 2019. Their latest project, the 3 channel video installation Becoming is based on interviews that ponder what nascent forms of humanity and being should be nurtured so they can grow and create a just, sustainable future.

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