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 +====Ko, A., & Ko, S. (2017). "​Aphro-ism:​ essays on pop culture, feminism, and black veganism from two sisters"​. New York: Lantern Books.==== 
 +"In this lively, accessible, and provocative collection, **Aph and Syl Ko** provide new theoretical frameworks on race, advocacy for nonhuman animals, and feminism. Using popular culture as a point of reference for their critiques, the Ko sisters engage in groundbreaking analysis of the compartmentalized nature of contemporary social movements, present new ways of understanding interconnected oppressions,​ and offer conceptual ways of moving forward expressive of Afrofuturism and black veganism. " 
 +**Aph Ko** is a theorist and indie digital media producer, and founder of **Black Vegans Rock**, currently residing in Florida. She has a B.A. in Women'​s and Gender Studies and an M.A. in Communication/​Media Studies. She is the co-editor of __The Praxis of Justice in an Era of Black Lives Matter__ and served as the Associate Producer for the documentary film Always in Season. ​
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