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Jacy Rees Anthis

Jacy Anthis is a social scientist and co-founder of the Sentience Institute. He researches the social and ethical dimensions of technological innovation and scientific discovery. His first book, The End of Animal Farming, analyzes the development and popularization of food technologies such as plant-based and cell-cultured meat. Psychologist Steven Pinker said the book “places the issue of factory farming in the context of human progress and presents compelling arguments on how we should deal with it today.”

Anthis' research has been featured in The Guardian, Vox, Forbes, and other global media outlets, and he has presented at conferences and seminars in over 20 countries. He is from Huntsville, Texas and lives in Chicago with his wife Kelly Anthis, their dogs Apollo and Dionysus, and their two rescued chickens Snow and Dualla. Please get in touch to discuss collaboration, interviews, writing, lectures, or other matters.

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