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 +=====Animals and Society Institute=====
 +Ann Arbor, MI
 +ASI helps improve and expand knowledge about human-animal relationships in order to create safer and more compassionate communities for all. We are the leader in translating research on human-animal interaction into practice, providing essential knowledge and tools, and promoting evidence-based approaches that get results.
 +      * We expose students to the study of human-animal relationships,​ providing them access to quality information about human-animal studies, and opportunities for how to get involved in it.
 +  *     We help to create and improve human-animal studies programs in universities and colleges
 +  *     We provide faculty with an interest in human-animal studies with access to quality information about the field, and opportunities for how to get involved in it
 +  *     We help promote scholarly work in human-animal studies and try to translate that work into something that human and animal service professionals and other scholars can access and use
 +  *     We help to ascertain research priorities for the field, targeting topics that are under-researched,​ giving scholars venues to research and publish in those areas
 +    * We convene conversations whereby scholars and those who work to help animals and people can discuss their work
 +    * We provide information and resources to help those who are working in areas of primary, secondary and tertiary prevention and treatment of animal abuse to accomplish their goals.
 +  *   We create and promote intervention and treatment programs to help human service providers identify, evaluate, treat and/or appropriately refer individuals who abuse animals
 +  *   We provide resources so that Humane Education professionals can include animal abuse as part of their work, in order to expand the range of prevention strategies available
 +  *   We provide assessments of existing humane education programs, animal abuse treatment programs, and other programs that will help professionals to locate the best, most effective practices for their work
 +  *   We provide high quality, scholarly resources to animal agencies and animal service professionals to allow them to use the most effective practices for their work
 +  *   We provide evidence-based,​ theoretically sound and useful knowledge about human-animal relationships to those who work to affect policy and practices involving animals
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