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 +=====Nibert,​ D., ed. (2017). "​Animal Oppression and Capitalism"​. Columbia=====
 +This important two-volume set unapologetically documents how capitalism results in the oppression of animals ranging from fish and chickens to dogs, elephants, and kangaroos as well as in environmental destruction,​ vital resource depletion, and climate change. * Explains how abolishing the oppression of animals will bring to an end the suffering of billions of sentient creatures throughout the world, greatly improve human health, and help turn back the rapid advance of climate change * Connects the daily processes of capitalism to tremendous levels of pain, misery, and fear experienced by animals as well as humans * Documents the ways in which many animals are biologically engineered for profitable exploitation.
 +David Nibert, a former tenant organizer and community activist, is an award-winning writer and professor at Wittenberg University, Springfield,​ OH, where he teaches courses on animals and society, global change, and social stratification.
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