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Animal Law Reform South Africa

Animal Law Reform South Africa (“ALRSA”) is a non-profit company and registered NPO. We were informally established in 2014 by a group of lawyers interested in animal protection. In 2017, Animal Law Reform South Africa was formally registered by lawyers from academia, practice and civil society. Attorney Amy P. Wilson and Professors David Bilchitz and Bonita Meyersfeld, are co-founders and directors of the board of ALRSA. They have a broad range of expertise and many years of experience in both human and animal legal issues.

Utilising the law as our tool, we work on intersectional issues to ensure justice for all that require it. Through our main pillars, as well as through collaboration, we believe we can achieve incremental change for vulnerable beings and ensure that their interests are accounted for in the legal system.

We intend to operate as an organisation that can be approached by all relevant stakeholders ranging from animal rights, welfare and protection organisations to the government. We are willing to engage with those involved in the utilisation of animals to better their conditions and protection, while holding industry accountable. We therefore take a collaborative and not isolative approach and will work together, provided it falls within our mission and goals.

Our Vision

Animal Law Reform South Africa envisages a society whose laws, courts and enforcement agencies advance the protection and well-being of humans and non-human animals.

Our Mission

  • Connect issues relating to the law, animal wellbeing and social justice
  • Achieve the highest level of protection of both nonhuman animals and human animals utilising the legal system and related avenues
  • Strengthen and develop legislation and policy relating to animal and human protection in South Africa and Africa
  • Litigate cases which will have a strategic value in advancing animal wellbeing and protection and social justice movements in South Africa and Africa
  • Provide access to legal services, advice and assistance to animal, human and environmental groups, organisations
  • Educate relevant stakeholders on animal law and protection including lawyers, learners, students, professors, veterinarians, law enforcement agencies, government officials and other individuals and organisations and equipping them with the requisite knowledge to tackle issues relating thereto
  • Undertake and promote research and academic output in the field of animal law and related subject matter
  • Sensitise those in legal, animal, human, environmental and social justice fields to the overlap and interconnection between these fields and potential to enhance all these efforts through collaborative efforts
  • Provide a platform and network for animal, human and social justice movements by connecting relevant individuals, organisations and others
  • Collaborate with relevant stakeholders on certain matters in order to achieve meaningful and lasting change
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