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 +=====Animal/​Human Studies Group (AHSG). The British Sociological Association (BSA)=====
 +The study of animal-human relations within the social sciences is an increasingly important, vibrant and burgeoning field. The formation of the BSA Animal/​Human Studies Group in June 2006 is therefore an important step towards addressing what Bryant (1979) has called the '​zoological connection',​ whereby sociologists need to recognise that people co-exist and interact not only with humans but with non-human animals too. For example, animals are increasingly utilised and involved in biotechnology and genomics; animal experimentation;​ the production and slaughter ​ of food animals; companion animal-human type relationships and the therapeutic use of animals. Moreover, additional animal-related issues that have attracted attention by researchers are: the potential links between animal abuse and domestic violence; the nature of animal-animal interaction;​ potential links between women, nature and animals; bestiality; human-wildlife interactions;​ and human responses to companion animal death/​euthanasia. Sociologists have much to offer this emerging area of study and are well placed to engage with the multifaceted,​ ambiguous and challenging nature of the animal-human interface in everyday life.
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