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Animal Guardians

Animal Guardians is committed to the prevention of cruelty to animals from intentional or irresponsible actions and the suffering that animals endure from those actions. We are promoting this message realistically through legislation, education, raising awareness among the public and business community, as well as throughout universities and government agencies.

Since 1986, Animal Guardians, formerly the Compassion for Animals Foundation, has provided substantial funding and strategic consulting for capacity-building projects, academic projects, and has also provided research and advisory functions on animal cruelty, protection, and welfare issues to numerous entities in China, Spain, South Korea, and the United States.

Our goal is to partner with caring individuals and organizations to promote an ethical component to society that will raise public awareness to adopt realistic standards of animal care that will also enhance human and planetary health. Higher standards of morality, ethics, and responsibility can only be a benefit to us all. We look forward to working with invested others in developing sensible strategies to solve these serious problems

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