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 +=====Advocacy for Animals=====
 +We present **Advocacy for Animals** as a source of information, a call to action, and a stimulus to thought regarding humanity’s relationship with nonhuman animals. We support worldwide efforts to ensure the humane treatment of animals, to develop scientific understanding of their nature, to promote their well-being, and to protect and restore the natural environment.
 +The views expressed on Advocacy for Animals by its editorial staff and contributors are not necessarily those of **Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.**
 +  ***Michele Metych**, Contributing Editor, Advocacy for Animals; Copy Supervisor, Copy Department, Encyclopædia Britannica
 +  ***Brian Duignan**, Contributing Editor, Advocacy for Animals; Senior Editor in Philosophy, Encyclopædia Britannica
 +  ***Lorraine Murray**, former Managing Editor, Advocacy for Animals; former Associate Editor in Geography, Encyclopædia Britannica
 +  ***Dale Hoiberg**, Editor Emeritus, Advocacy for Animals
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